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Where Did The Modern Waffle Maker Machine Come From?

The current up surge of interest In waffles and waffle making machines belies the fact that people have been making waffles for over seven hundred years. In fact, some people claim that the technique originated with the Ancient Greeks.

Originally known as a waffle iron, a waffle maker basically consists of two metal plates hinged at one end, with a handle at the other which would enable the closed plates to be put on or in a heat source. Within the plates would be placed the ingredients for cooking. The first versions of waffle irons appeared in about 1350 in and around Germany in Western Europe. The cast iron plates used had decorative patterns worked into their inner surfaces which then became imprinted on the surface of the finished waffle. Indeed, some of these old plates have been found with the criss-cross pattern we know today. The heat source would have been an open fire or brazier.

In the early 1600's waffles were introduced in to North America with the arrival of Dutch Pilgrims. Interest was further reinforced later by Thomas Jefferson who brought his own waffle iron back from France and introduced waffles to American society.

The first American patent for a waffle iron was issued in New York to Cornelius Swarthout in the year 1869 and was designed to sit on top of a wood or gas fired stove. It therefore had to be manually turned during baking to ensure both sides received equal heat.

It wasn't until the early 1900's the first electric prototype was developed and in 1911 the General Electric Company announced the first electric waffle iron for public sale. Within the next twenty years interest had grown enough to make the electric waffle iron a standard kitchen appliance in any reasonably well-off household.

By the 1950's with the rise of supermarkets and oven-ready packaged food becoming generally available, it was possible to buy frozen waffles, thus making them available even if you didn't have a waffle maker.

The spread of waffles in the United States was mirrored in Europe, although the traditional European version was thicker with a more fluffy texture under the crispy skin. So it was that the Belgian waffle was introduced by way of the 1964 World Fair in New York and immediately became popular alongside the classic American waffle. The following video illustrates very well the features of a modern Belgian waffle maker:

All today's electric waffle makers are designed with modern monitoring and control features for oven temperature, baking time, 'ready' and 'complete' indicators and even digital displays that monitor status throughout the baking process. Even the housewife is not forgotten, with the use of non-stick plates and stainless steel cases to ensure ease of cleaning after use.

So next time you enjoy a breakfast waffle or two, just think and be grateful for how far the waffle maker has come in those seven hundred years.

For further information on modern waffle maker machines visit this link.

Understanding Your Halogen Oven

You have probably only cooked your food using a microwave oven or an electric or gas stove. You may have decided that you don't really like using either one so what is the alternative. How about cooking with halogen ovens?

Halogen ovens originally started out as a television home shopping product but they quickly made their way into the mainstream retailing because their appeal for an easy way to cook a meal. Manufacturers and retailers saw that there was a demand and they came up with the variety of different ovens. But how does the halogen oven manage to grill, cook, broil, toast, heat, defrost, and bake?

First of all, its technology makes use of radiation to heat and cook the food. You need to know that this is not dangerous way of cooking the food because the electricity generated transforms to heat which is controlled. As a result there is never going to be a level that will pose any kind of risk.

In fact a halogen oven is similar to the electric oven and microwave ovens except the halogen bulbs are used. The heat is directed from the halogen bulbs and it is this bulb that cooks the food with the use of a fan to move the heat around. The bulbs are made by companies such as General Electric and will last a long time before needing to be replaced. The halogen bulb is meant to last for many years but can easily be replaced when it does burn out.

The food is placed in a thick, heat resistant glass bowl that enables you to see what's happening while the food is cooking. You can cook everything from a chicken or turkey to steak or pizza. You will even be able to bake bread and cakes.

There are a number of built in safety features in a halogen oven. You will find a high-performance fan that helps control the temperature. It works automatically to reduce the heat when it gets too hot. This fan also controls and balances the heat so that the food is cooked evenly without burning or drying out.

You should not be turned off by the size of a halogen oven. In fact this is a major plus because of the space you free up if you decide to replace your electric range with a smaller cooking appliance. This is particularly important if you have a small apartment size kitchen or you like to go camping, boating or to the weekend cottage.

The Best Ice Cream Scoop Recommended By Family, Friends, And Ice Cream Parlors

There are so many ice cream scoops available on the market today, from mechanical dishers to the spoon-like ice-cream scoop to ice cream spades, to ice cream paddles and even to an electric ice cream scooper and some plastic scoops. Some are coated with Teflon while other are electrically heated. But there seems to be only one ice cream scoop that is preferred by many ice cream parlors, families, and friends alike the SuperEze Ice Cream Scoop. It has received some of the best ice cream scoop reviews i have ever read from happy customers.

Before digging into why the SuperEze Scooper is preferred by many households and ice cream parlors, it is best to understand some of the basics of ice cream scooping. Todays ice cream production processes have evolved to such levels that ice creams are much harder than they previously were. As such, it is important to look for an ice cream scoop that can easily dig into slice through the ice cream like slicing a hot knife through butter the ice cream and seamlessly release it onto the serving plate or cup.

Now, while some would not like to consider the hemispherical ice cream scoop with the scraper built-in as the perfect utensil for the job, for many families and ice cream parlors, it still is the epitome of the original ice cream scoop that was invented in 1897 by Alfred L. Cralle. Some would say that a single-piece simple design is a lot better than a mechanical metal ice cream scoop. I beg to disagree. If their only gripe is the incidence of ice cream getting stuck in the scraping mechanism of the mechanical ice cream scoop, then they simply havent tried the SuperEze icecream scoop yet. This disher scoop has fully functional mechanical parts which allow me and my friends, and I am sure many ice cream parlors as well, to dig scoops after scoops of ice cream without the mechanism ever getting stuck.

True to the original design of the 1897 ice cream scoop, the SuperEze scoop uses stainless steel(metal scoops are the best) for its hemispherical scoop giving it superb scooping abilities. It is dishwasher safe and I simply dont have to worry about BPA or even harmful chemicals leaching into my ice cream. Besides, I already have an excellent array of stainless steel utensils in my kitchen so I am not about to disrupt that with either plastic scoops or aluminum ice cream scoops. I can also be sure that my SuperEze Scoop will last for as long as I live. Who knows, even the children of my grandchildren will still be able to use it?

My friends and the ice cream parlor owners I have talked with are right. The SuperEze ice cream scoop really is super easy. It makes scooping ice cream so much fun, so effortless. Because of its patented cog and ratchet system, I couldnt feel any pressure on my wrist and hands. Best of all, this scooper can be used in either hand (it's just as effortless as a right or left handed ice cream scoop). I have a friend who is left-handed I was just amazed at how easily she scooped a dollop of ice cream into her party mug. It's as good as an of the commercial ice cream scoops on the market.

Perhaps what really sold me on the SuperEze Icecream scoop is its versatility. I have been using it to make perfect balls of melons, meats, canapes, and even rice, as well as using it as a cookie dough scoop. Technically, the SuperEze scoop added a new dimension to my otherwise limited culinary skills.

Optimizing Your Small Kitchen Space

If you have a large house, the kitchen will be one of the parts that will be worth investing in. Many homeowners view the kitchen as the heart of their homes. If you have a rather small and cramped kitchen, there is simply nothing else that you can do about its size. However, you can optimize every available bit of space to make it look as elegant as those in larger homes.

The very first thing you need to consider will be the kitchen appliances. Minimalistic designs as well as stainless steel construction will be a welcome addition to a small kitchen space. Renovating your kitchen to allow for built-in enclosures for modern kitchen appliances will add some sizzle to the look of a small kitchen.

For spaces that will not be utilized by your kitchen appliances, build some truly functional countertops where you can place all of your kitchen utensils cheese grater and all as well as a small cabinet to store your most often used ingredients such as bottles of herbs and spices. While marble and granite countertops are great for handling the dough needed for your baking needs, you can opt for stainless steel countertops to complement your stainless steel appliances. The trick is to match your countertop to the principal design element of your kitchen. A countertop with a built-in butcher block will be very important so you do not have to take out the chopping board every time you need to prepare your food. Think functionality, but also think on how the different elements can be unified to create value.

Next is for you to consider storage. Be it storage for canned goods and grocery items or even unused kitchen utensils and food preparation implements, you will need to maximize every bit of space in your small kitchen. Cabinets for storing your plates and other dining wares would be a lot more functional if it were located near your dishwasher. If you do not have a dishwasher, then you can utilize this space as storage for your other items.

Do not forget adequate lighting. There should be ample light over your food preparation area, countertops, and the cooking area. If you can have a custom-built lighting fixture underneath your countertop, this will create an impression of a much larger kitchen. Some modern apartment and condominium units have wall-to-ceiling glass panels to create an illusion of large space. It might be worth checking out.

The idea about remodeling your small kitchen space is to make the most out of every inch. Creativity is needed as well as the understanding of how different design elements can work together to bring out the best in any kitchen, no matter how small it is.