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Caring For And Using Your French Fry Cutter

When we buy things for our kitchen arsenal, we often feel the need to care for them just during the first few weeks of ownership. Give it some time, and youll probably be manhandling the thing like a 2 year old whos grown tired of a brand new teddy bear. But caring for our kitchen equipment is a vital task that we need to observe at all times. Our cooking tools are the things that we use to handle and prepare the food that goes into our bodies, and if we take care of our tools the right way, we can make the most of our meals.

One of the kitchen tools that we often overlook is the French fry cutter. This particular kitchen item is a mainstay in many homes and requires a certain level of knowledge in order to care for and use it properly.

Caring for and Using Your French Fry Cutter

1. Rinse Thoroughly Whether your French fry cutter was just fresh out of the box or if youve had it sitting in your kitchen for a while now, its important to make sure that its clean and thoroughly dried out. This will allow you to create sanitary meals and minimize the likelihood of having bacteria and pathogens spread throughout your kitchen. Take apart your French fry cutter and wash each part thoroughly. Dry each one with a clean towel and set aside for use.

2. Choose the Right Blade Your French fry cutter probably came with a few additional blades to allow you to achieve different kinds of cuts. Depending on the outcomes you want, you should select a blade that will fit your preferences. If you want fries that are cut thicker, choose a blade with larger holes. If you want fries that are smaller or finer, choose one that has smaller holes. Keep in mind that vegetables tend to shrink once cooked, so if you want really thick fries, go with the biggest option.

3. Clean Your Vegetables Something commonly overlooked in many kitchens is the cleaning of vegetables. While many of us might think that vegetables are hardly ever dirty, its safe to keep in mind that vegetables can become the host for a large variety of bacteria and pathogens. Unless you want all of that scattering throughout your kitchen and potentially harming your guests or your family, you should clean your vegetables prior to cutting. It doesnt matter whether you bought your ingredients pre-packed at the local supermarket or if you bought them fresh from the grower its never a good idea to skip out on cleaning them.

4. Safety and Other Precautions Do not, under any circumstances, experiment by placing a hand or finger inside the French fry cutter. Whether or not the blade seems thick enough to cut through your skin, there is still a chance that you might hurt yourself in the process. Ensure that all parts are installed firmly and that your hands and other body parts arent at risk when operating your French fry cutter.

Also knows as a mandolin slicer