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What To Do When A Patron Is Intoxicated!

Binge drinking is a common behavioral trait among many Australians, unfortunately it is also responsible for thousands of illnesses and injuries every year.

Excessive drinking puts people at risk of disease and injury and it is one of the primary goals of alcohol servers in Australia to minimize this risk by serving alcohol responsibly.

Alcohol when consumed in moderation has a number of benefits on health but consumed excessively can damage a person’s organs considerably. Organs most affected include the brain, liver, heart, kidneys and lungs.

In addition to negative effects on health, it causes certain people to behave aggressively and violently, which leads to alcohol-fuelled violence which has been a scourge on our entertainment districts for a while now.

As servers of alcohol we must keep in mind that alcohol intoxication and poisoning can put a person into a coma and cause other dangerous situations.

If a patron is extremely intoxicated and you suspect they may be suffering from alcohol poisoning, seek medical assistance immediately. Signs of alcohol poisoning include difficulty breathing, chest pain, seizures, depression, hallucinations and continuous vomiting.

The purpose of responsible service of alcohol is to prevent drinking from reaching this stage of intoxication. However there are instances where people will drink to an extent that their body cannot handle and in this case they need to seek medical attention.

In some cases you may notice a patron beginning to become intoxicated, at this stage you must deny them anymore alcohol. In fact that person should be removed from the source of alcohol, bar, pub, nightclub etc.

The person should be kept away from anything that may harm them or those around them for example dangerous machines, stairways they could possible fall down and they should definitely be kept away from the driver’s wheel.

As a bartender or waitron if you notice someone passed out, you should attempt to awaken them with a nudge on the shoulder. Don’t under any circumstances allow them to drive. Rather call them a cab instead or ask if there is someone who you can call to fetch them.

Give them plenty of water and when serving patrons alcohol, encourage them not to eat on an empty stomach as this will speed up the process of becoming intoxicated.

If patrons demonstrate loud, boisterous and disruptive behavior they are likely to be intoxicated and should be denied alcohol service.

It’s also important to ask for proof of ID when serving younger patrons to ensure you aren’t unwittingly giving alcohol to a minor.

Serving alcohol in a responsible manner is the duty of every alcohol server in Australia and to ensure they know what is expected of them, they must complete Responsible Service of Alcohol training.

Most servers choose to complete RSA training online because it is the most convenient way of doing so and also makes more economic sense, costing a fraction of the price of face-to-face training.

2:45 PM 11/18/2015


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