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Optimizing Your Small Kitchen Space

If you have a large house, the kitchen will be one of the parts that will be worth investing in. Many homeowners view the kitchen as the heart of their homes. If you have a rather small and cramped kitchen, there is simply nothing else that you can do about its size. However, you can optimize every available bit of space to make it look as elegant as those in larger homes.

The very first thing you need to consider will be the kitchen appliances. Minimalistic designs as well as stainless steel construction will be a welcome addition to a small kitchen space. Renovating your kitchen to allow for built-in enclosures for modern kitchen appliances will add some sizzle to the look of a small kitchen.

For spaces that will not be utilized by your kitchen appliances, build some truly functional countertops where you can place all of your kitchen utensils cheese grater and all as well as a small cabinet to store your most often used ingredients such as bottles of herbs and spices. While marble and granite countertops are great for handling the dough needed for your baking needs, you can opt for stainless steel countertops to complement your stainless steel appliances. The trick is to match your countertop to the principal design element of your kitchen. A countertop with a built-in butcher block will be very important so you do not have to take out the chopping board every time you need to prepare your food. Think functionality, but also think on how the different elements can be unified to create value.

Next is for you to consider storage. Be it storage for canned goods and grocery items or even unused kitchen utensils and food preparation implements, you will need to maximize every bit of space in your small kitchen. Cabinets for storing your plates and other dining wares would be a lot more functional if it were located near your dishwasher. If you do not have a dishwasher, then you can utilize this space as storage for your other items.

Do not forget adequate lighting. There should be ample light over your food preparation area, countertops, and the cooking area. If you can have a custom-built lighting fixture underneath your countertop, this will create an impression of a much larger kitchen. Some modern apartment and condominium units have wall-to-ceiling glass panels to create an illusion of large space. It might be worth checking out.

The idea about remodeling your small kitchen space is to make the most out of every inch. Creativity is needed as well as the understanding of how different design elements can work together to bring out the best in any kitchen, no matter how small it is.


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