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How to Select Beer Glasses for Different Types of Beer

Beer enthusiasts know that drinking beer can be a lot more flavorful and fun when poured into the right beer glass. Different types of beer glasses suit different types of beer because of their unique ability to release the beer’s unique aromas, highlight the beer’s appearance, and/or affect the beer’s head. Follow this simple guide to make sure your bar is stocked with the proper beer glasses, then pour up some hefeweizen, IPA, pilsner, stout or other delicious brews.

Beer Pint Glass, Beer Mug, Beer Tumbler:

These are basic beer glasses that come in many variations. They’re suited for a variety of beers ranging from IPAs to lagers. They give enough room for foam and provide a clear view of the beers appearance. They are the go-to-glass for many bartenders.

Beer Chalice, Beer Snifter, Beer Tulip Glass

These beer glasses are bulbous, with stems at the bottom and curved lips. They are suited for strong and sweet beers like barleywine, Belgian ales, and stouts. Their round shape, curved lips and large space make them perfect for swirling the beer so the aromas can be released and enjoyed.

Pilsner Beer Glass

These tall, slender, slightly tapered, clear beer glasses are suited for pilsners or any light beer. They are designed to display the clarity, color and effervescent quality of pilsners and light beers. Their shape promotes a good beer head and helps keep the flavor.

Weizen Beer Glass

These beer glasses are tall, large glasses with bulbous tops. They are best suited for strong wheat beers such as dunkleweiss, hefeweizens, weizenbock and the like. Because they are tall they provide plenty of room to contain the foam produced by these types of beers.

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