Free State University Student Bar Association

FSU justitia

Our association took a long journey from the fussy beginnings of the internet to modern time where we are proud to present and share all these information about our community with you. All our ressources as you find them collected here are for USE. Feel free to use them for your purposes and also invite your friends to do so. All our meetings are open and we really encourage you to attend, carefully listen and also discuss all issues concerning your studies on FSU. Also we are very well connected with FSU administration and can very likely help you in all adminstrative issues.

Did we mention above that all meetings are free to attend? Well that is true for FSU students, faculty, staff and alumni. If you come from outside you are usually not allowed to attend our meetings. But if you can give us good reason to do so we might consider inviting you.


For any questions that come up regarding this site or the FSU in general feel free to contact FSU President Carl Klein, info[at] Also feel free to get in touch with Matthias Muller who serves as webadmin.

As you can see we can do a lot, but

There are also things that we cannot do

We cannot provide you with any advice regarding legal issues. We will not answer on any requests asking for explicit legal advice.

  • Example 1. A student was not satisfied with the mark he got in his final exam. He accused his teacher of being a racist. We understand the difficult situation this student was in and wish him the best in his query for justice. However, obviously we are not able to support him directly.
  • Example 2. A student was abroad in Berlin for a year and worked with an escort agency from Berlin there. When she quit the agency refused to take her profile offline. All we could do in this case was to advise that lady to take a good lawyer.